Metal Technology Field;
It is an area,where metal and metal alloys are shaped as hot and cold, heat treatments are applied, welding applications are made, cutting, bending, punching and joining with mechanical and automatic methods, metal and plastic joinery works, metal decoration applications and steel construction works are performed. Metal sector in Turkey's developing rapidly. In our country, many qualified personnel are needed in small, medium and large enterprises.

In our school, melding education is given under the name of Metal Technology.


Education and Carreer Opportunities: 

         After the Vocational High School, "those who pass the higher education transition exam can continue their undergraduate programs or related departments of vocational high schools. Also, there are associate degree programs where graduates can settle with additional points. 

         Professionals who have completed their education and gained the necessary qualifications in business life can make a career in enterprises related to metal technology.

Employees in these professions can work in factories that manufacture automotive, white goods and information technology products, in shipyards, bridge and dam works, in their own workshops, in public institutions and organizations in open or closed environments. They design and manufacture mobile and fixed mechanical systems. They must act in accordance with the occupational safety rules in the workplace.

Higher Education Programs 


Metal Technology

Teaching Programs 

Teaching Time 


Alternative Energy Sources Technology


Electrical Energy Production, Transmission and Distribution

Industrial Molding  2

Ship Machinery Operation

Graphic Design  2

Ship Machinery Operation

Welding Technology  2
Machine  2
Mechatronic 2
Metallurgy  2
Auto Paint and Bodywork  2
Automotive Technology  2
Rail Systems Machine Technology  2
Drilling Technology  2
Non-Destructive Testing 2
Agricultural Machinery  2

The undergraduate programs that they can settle with the MTOK quota are as follows:

Metal Technology 

Teaching Programs 

Öğretim Time 

degree  Ship Machinery Opearting Engineering  4
Manufacturing Engineering 4
Material science and Engineering  4

Metallurgy and Materials Engineering