Message of Our Founders:

As Atatürk mentioned;

‘"Youth, you strengthen our courage and you are pursuing. You will be the most valuable symbol of the education and culture you are receiving, the virtue of humanity, the love of homeland and the freedom of opinion.  Rising generation the future is yours.  We established the republic; you are going to raise and continue it!" I think this message means everyting. 

The only desire of our ancestors, who entrust this beautiful country to us is to protect and develop our Republic all the time. Ensuring indepedence and prosperity is achieved through the establishment of a strong country economy. 

The backbone of the country’s economy is that our real sector has reached a high level of added value production and has become a World-class competitive, thanks to qualified vocational training.

Based on this reality, our organized industrial zone aims to establish a vocational high school where our young people who can use advanced technology, constantly improve and renew themselves, will be trained and ultimately this goal has been achieved. We received great support during the opening of our school. 

We owe a very special thanks to Mr. Ali Rıza ÇELİK, who built our school and delivered the classrooms and furniture ready to offer the most important support. I always remember late Mevlüt ÇELİK, the father of Ali Rıza ÇELİK, who will carry his name as long as we have a school and I respect dear mother Zülfü ÇELİK.

Hereby, I would like to express my gratitude to our institutions for their support and contributions to the valuable Bureaucrats of our relevant ministries to our governorship of İzmir to our district governor of Kemalpaşa and Regional industrialists,who offer their important contributions. 

Our only expectation from youth is that you are a Professional person, who respects the core values of the Republic, has a love of homeland and uses technology perfectly in the light of science. 

 Our belief is that you will all embrace the consciousness make great of efforts   with devotion and raise our school to an examplary level in Vocational education. 



İzmir Kemalpaşa Organized Industrial Zone Chairman
Private KOSBİ Zülfü-Mevlüt Çelik Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School



Message of Our Benefactor:

He was born in Kepez village of Akseki district of Antalya in 1963. When he was 6 months old his family moved to the village of Halkapınar, Tire district of İzmir. 

He studied Elementary school in the village of Halkapınar and completed secondary and high school in boarding schools. He completed his higher education in İstanbul University, Forest Faculty Tobacco Technology Engineering. 

After working in Public institutions for a while, he established Adalya Tobacco, Tobacco products industry and trade limited company which exports to the World and currently operates within the organized industrial  zone of Kemalpaşa, which he is trying to develop. 

“The World we live in is full of inequalities, but I decided to built this school  based on  the idea that if a good education opportunity is provided even to our poorest, these this school with the thought that if inadequate education is provided to even our poorest,  these inequalities can be minimized.” Ali Rıza ÇELİK took action to achieve this goal and he carried out the construction of a private KOSBİ Zülfü Mevlüt Çelik Vocational and  Technical High school on a 19.700 square meter land owned by the Kemalpaşa Organized Industrial Zone.(KOSBİ)  In the name of the school, he gave the name of his parents, who raised him in a very difficult conditions. Ali Rıza ÇELİK, Who donates this school to our children, who will honor and pride our country like him, is married and has two children. 

Ali Rıza ÇELİK

Benefactor of Our School 





Ali Rıza ÇELİK

Ali Rıza ÇELİK



We create the course contents and our educational environment by prioritizing the physcical, mental and psychological development of young people. We raise young people, who can use technology effectively, who know the importance of cooperation and prefer to be a part of production and solution.

We know that every student is valuable and prioritized, has different interests and needs so we prepare our youth for tomorrow as technology literature, entrepreneurial, socially developed and effective adults.

            We raise individuals, who will contribute to humanity through their innovative ideas, productions, vocational and technical fields workshops and laboratories equipped in line with industry practices and with a brand new perspective.


To educate and develop qualified people,who are able to use knowledge, have high social mental and entrepreneurial skills besides Professional knowledge, are aware of their responsibilities ,adopt universal values as well as national values, and needed in the Vocational  and Technical fields.


With the support of Industrialists who have set their hearts on education; to be a model school in the field of vocational and Technical Education by educating students who can contribute to the developments in the fields of industry, technology and science in the World.



-In it’s building with modern building features.

 -11000 square meter closed area.

-workshops and laboratories equipped according to the latest technology.

-24 person classes with all kinds of equipment.

-Special environments that enable the social and cultural development of our students.

-Ar-ge rooms for Project based training.



* Opportunities provided to students

* Education in Private School with 100% scholarship to all students. 

* Lunch, Transportation and Book stationery needs.

* Effective and efficient English Education.

* Computer aided Education.

* Vocational Education in real production environments.

* Domestic and International trips. 

* Special Course support for preparation for University Exams.